“Never Trust a Middle Eastern Grocery Store”

The "Gram Flour" Corn Bread

On the  menu today…very simple:

– chili
– corn bread

We had only to acquire a few missing pieces and we’d be good to go. I used up all the flour in our breads, pastry dough, quiches, etc. so we needed to restock. Recall the last time we went flour shopping the difficulty we faced; this predisposed us to being more hasty and less willing to ask the grocer for help. How different could ‘gram flour’ be anyway? It says “ground in the UK”. Must be OK!

Well, a little googling at home informed us that we had bought a gluten-free flour made from chick-peas that is quite dense and makes excellent flat breads. Graeme decides to test this by making what would later be known as ‘funky pancakes’. It stunk!!

I had to use it in my cornbread because I was desperate and didn’t have time to go get more flour. I added more baking soda expecting the flour to slow the rising process. It stunk going into the oven. I was sooo looking forward to cornbread all week and was reminiscing about all the moist, amazing cornbread I’d had over the years and hoping that if I paid enough attention to the whole cooking experience that I, too, could create award winning cornbread. And then the flour mix-up shot my chances. well, maybe…

Graeme was the first to try it. He broke off a piece right out of the oven and deemed it ‘sweet’ and worthy as a chili companion. I figured I’d need to add a lot of butter & honey and then it might go down. But, I was surprisingly (and thankfully!) wrong. We may have stumbled upon an age-old cornbread secret. Now, our kitchen still stunk like South America–oh the memory of that terrible night in Cuzco after eating the crazy Inca maize–but the cornbread would get eaten!

Our adventures in Amsterdam continue…

p.s. on a side note, doesn’t Graeme’s hair look great?! I cut it on Monday 🙂


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