Dinsdag: Model for a day

My make-up artist in training, Mariska.

Sarphatipark School of Ethetics & Cosmetology


Graeme & I were a little late for our usual morning walk through Sarphatipark. Rounding the corner to head home we heard this woman yelling behind us. Thinking I’d dropped something I turned around. Her Dutch changed to English when she read my confused face, “Would you be able to model for me?” My first thought was life modeling. I saw the group of young women huddled by a studio door and not being able to read the overhead sign just assumed it was an art studio. “I am in beauty school and my model canceled and it would really help me if you could just come for a couple hours”. Well, you can tell from the photos what my answer was.

She was friendly but nervous. She’d only been in the course for 6 weeks and this was her second career. She was a painter “colorful work with animals and things”. She mentioned the Cobra, so I assumed weird modern art. She & her partner just moved out of the city for the space and savings due to their young children. While painting my eyelids green and my lips red, we talked about my design intentions, my Dutch mother, Canada, her floral designer friend (featured on Martha Stewart) in NYC who pays €4,000/month for his apartment (I thought Dutch people didn’t like to talk about money??!!). When I mentioned Graeme was a tutor and looking for opportunities to connect at schools and with eager, proactive parents she exclaimed that he must be in high demand, no? I said, “one would hope, but no real bites yet”. So, I gave her my card and maybe she’ll contact me if she comes across anyone who might need those kind of services.

She also promised to pass along the photos of the shoot should she receive them from her instructor. I will update you in a week’s time…


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