Herbs, Cheap Beer, Churches

Performing surgery on a sick herb-baby


Now that Amanda and I have a loving home we decided that it was time to welcome new additions to our family. Although we wanted a puppy and also batted around the idea of a kitten (and hate the idea of a fish or a gerbil…you know, those pets your parents buy you to a) actually show you that you are not responsible enough to get a dog because the evidence is floating belly up on your dresser and b) totally not cute) we decided that we would get pets we can eat! So we went to the local Albert Cuyp market and bought three new additions to our family: Mr. Basil, Father Thyme and Mrs. Rosemary. We also bought Kid Mint at the organic market too.

Everything was going well and our new herb-babies were living it up both on our balcony and in our sunroom. What more could an herb want? Plus, we were garnishing our dinners and drinks with delicious herbs. Win!

But we too have suffered the fate of new parents. We have spent those long, sleepless nights worrying about our little sick one. Mr. Basil quickly seemed to contract a disease. His soil was getting moldy, his stalks had white fuzz on them and his leaves were wilty. Like true new parents we decided to self-diagnose Mr. Basil by searching on the internet. And like true new parents we decided that the disease he had must be the most extreme case relating to the symptoms he had. Stuffy nose and fever? Ebola! Moldy soil and wily leaves? Peronosporaceae! So being the worried father I am I decided to clean out all of the mold, wash all of Mr. Basil’s stems with a bit of soapy water and replant him. Oh, and keep him away from Kid Mint because Mint can pick up what Basil lays down. So after some pruning, Mr. Basil is still in traction, but seems to be recovering.

But that’s not all we have been doing in The Netherlands. Did you know you can buy Heineken for 58 cents at the grocery store! They make it just a few 100 meters from our house! I am totally going to go on the Heineken Brouwerij tour. However Amanda is not a big beer fan (and you get 2 free beers on the tour!) so I will either have to go by myself or convince a Dutch person to come with me. But that is kinda like trying to convince a Torontonian to go to the hockey hall of fame or the CN Tower or the museum again (“lame”) so we’ll see. I may be tourin solo.

Also, we’ve been here for 4 Sundays now. We have gone to a church plant called Vineyard Amsterdam (they meet every other Sunday for now) and they are super friendly and really nice and Amanda and I have joined their 20-30s bible study that meets every Monday. We also went to Zolder 50 which is Free Church’s long lost cousin. This past Sunday we went to an Australian church plant called CCC and sang worship music in Dutch (Heilig heilig heilig is de Here God!) which was fun, but felt a bit like Meeting House (like, super movie theater.) So we’re taking it all in and seeing where God leads us. I must say our spiritual life is doing pretty well these days. Devotions are the first thing either of us do and we are really feeling like we are pouring the foundation that we’re going to build on for years to come.

Love to you all!



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