The first windmills

Graeme + the windmill

Amanda + the windmill


Don’t worry…I haven’t chopped my hair off. Yet! haa.  Well, we’ve seen lots of salons here, but not many really great haircuts. So…we’ll wait and see. At least I learned how to cut G’s hair before we left. That saves us some $$ for awhile.

This was on the way back from getting our “IND” visas validated. I wish I could’ve taken photos inside the lobby. It was the best designed government building interior I’ve seen. And the staff were really friendly and helpful. We can now officially work. However, we have to wait until Oct 24 to get our “BSN” numbers which allow us to do all the important things: open bank account, get a library card, sign up for cheap housing (and wait 7 years).


2 thoughts on “The first windmills

  1. Very stylish Miss Amanda…You two look like you are having a great time!! Hope all is well, and maybe after Justin and I get jobs we can come visit!

  2. Luv the blog…. saw your mom and dad for the first time in 20+ years last week at Joe & Karen’s father’s funeral. I have heard there are a lot of Harkes’ in holland, even though the ancestors came from Scotland??!!! Who knows what transpired back in the day. Have lots of fun in your life adventure!!!
    Rhoda Harkes (nee Perrott)

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