Te vinden: to find

Much of our Dutch experience has been about trying to locate various products and materials. First, it was the search for bikes. Next, for grocery stores. Then (or still ongoing) churches. Then the more critical things like brown sugar, beschuit, and fruit has doesn’t come pre-packaged.

It took us about 12min to decide which kind of flour was “normal” flour. There’s 4 kinds of wheat, then there’s the flour for baking, pastry, white-colored, self-rising, etc. etc. Again, not too hard to differentiate, except that it’s in DUTCH!

Spent another few days searching for shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. Now, I must clarify that we’re trying to buy paraben-free, toxin-free and preferably organic products. It’s been a secret dream of mine to buy fragrance-free products and then add my own essential oils. So, since Graeme recently identified his favorite scene as patchouli, I created a patchouli blend in the conditioner. I did the same with the lotion I found; I will add lime, mint and bergamot.

Still trying to find a hair-dryer. I thought it would be easier to buy one here than take mine from home (beloved!) and try to find the proper transformer with appropriate wattage conversion. Turns out, the Dutch “Ulta” doesn’t exist. After asking 3 salons for their best suggestions, I was directed to a “mail-order” place where the dryers are behind glass and you select your features and then submit your slip to the salesperson. I will investigate on Sunday.

Still to find: baking soda, molasses (for Terry bread!), rain jacket (I may have missed that season), a JOB…obviously 🙂


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