The first kroket

Amanda decides to make use of the juicer

It took 10 oranges to make 1 litre of OJ!! So, we will just have to see how economically viable making our own is. Although 10 oranges cost us 2.5 Euros, the juice took 1 hour to make.

Freshly made stroopwaffel in Noordermarkt

There’s another great story. We read that there was this great organic Farmer’s Market in Noordermarkt on Saturdays. So, we biked up to the Jordaan district with all our coins and plastic bags and grocery list to purchase produce, bread, meat, etc. for the week. Turns out we completely missed the ‘organic’ section and ended up on the normal Farmers market. That said, we supported a host of proud Dutch farmer fathers who had their strapping blond boys in tow selling fish, produce and breads.


One thought on “Food

  1. If it took you 10 oranges, and 1 hour to make orange juice and it was still cheaper than buying a carton then labor must be super cheap in Europe!

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