Europe is different

The flight over to Iceland was very quiet, pleasant and dark. I couldn’t sleep so I watched one of those movies in the tv screen in front of me. “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Really bad. Bad lines, bad character development, bad special effects and bad ending. I should have watched that weird Icelandic one. It’s box cover had this picture of a haunted looking screaming man with a small child looking on him in Kafka-esque horror standing in the middle of this desolate wasteland. The tagline said “laugh out loud Icelandic comedy of the year.” Europe is different.

We had an hour stop over in Iceland on our way to Holland and we got to see the sun rise just as we were making our approach to the island. And man is it desolate. I’m pretty sure you get a free meal on the plane if you can spot some sort of plant life on your descent. You can really tell that it is a volcanic island. But it is also very beautiful. And oh man–the airport! Wood and glass and windows. I wish we could have spent longer in there. But we were also both pretty zombie-like seeing as we left Toronto at 9pm and arrived in Iceland at 6am but only had 4.5 hours in there. I’m pretty sure Amanda and I just looked at each other with our mouths open and half-opened eyes and mumbled things for the full hour and a half. And I’m sure we both remember very little about it.

Well my Iceladic ancestors and brethren did not crown me as a returning King. So that sucks.

We got on the second flight to Holland. Only 3 hours this time. But I was out. Boom. Dead asleep as soon as I sat down. We could have been doing barrel-rolls the whole way there and I wouldn’t have noticed. We saw sheep and fields and bikes and zero elevation on our landing. And it was a bright, blue sunny day! (Something that felt normal when we got off, but we have come to realize that it is a luxury. Lots of Dutch people were looking at this burning ball of gas, blinking and shielding their eyes. Children were tugging at their moms clothes asking what it was. Not a good sign. Maybe a tanning bed coupon for Amanda for Christmas.)

Our bags were literally the first 5 off of the conveyor belt. I kept saying to the guy in front of me “excuse me, sorry, that’s my bag. Thanks” Five times in a row. The guy was either impressed or hated me. We piled all of our earthly possessions onto the cart and exited Schiphol. Which is fun to say.

One crazy fast cab ride, queasy Amanda, 40 Euros and 15 min later we were at our bed and breakfast where we were going to be staying for the next 9 days.

Next time: Neve Cambells mom, Vondelpark and bikes!


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