And Were Off

Our new life has begun! After our beautiful wedding and two reception parties, Amanda and I found ourselves in my parents basement with boxes upon boxes and bags and suitcases filled with all of our stuff from years of being in Toronto. Happy honeymoon!

The epic purge began.

And you would be proud of us. We threw out very little, sold a lot, stored much less than we sold and after three weeks of wedded bliss (and life-purging) our giant stuff pile was whittled down to 5 suitcases, 2 carry-on suitcases and 2 jammed full “personal bags.” So then it was off to the airport. (not to mention us wearing our bulkiest clothes and winter coats stuffed with cereal, socks and toiletries.)

Our first big hurdle we had to pass was whether our suitcases would be under the maxim weight that Icelandair would allow. We weighed them all on my parents 45 year old scale that kept getting out of whack every time one of us stood on it carrying our suitcase. Amanda would be 100lbs then 150lbs then 210lbs then we would have to recalibrate the thing. So when we were standing at the ticket counter we spent a little time trying to figure out which Icelandair lady looked the nicest/most forgiving. We picked the younger and more smiley one and dodged the older crankier one who gave the Russian couple ahead of us a hard time.

Young Smiley started weighing our bags and as Amanda chatted her up, I noticed that every single bag was overweight by about 4 or 5 lbs. Crap. Our newly-married-psychic-network glances to each other said “here comes a $130 fee.” But Young Smiley didn’t seem to mind and kept smiling and talking to us as she attached “overweight” tags on our bags and sent them happily on their way down the ramp. We got our boarding passes and no fee! Thank you Jesus!

My folks and I made our way to security while Amanda collected stray carts and returned them for 25c each. She actually persuaded mom to get in on the easy money. When my parents retirement fund was bumped up it was time to leave. We hugged our teary Toronto family (after having hugged our teary Texas family a few weeks before) and we were through security. (Oh, and final cart total: $1.50. Ingrid was right: We wont ever be poor with such a resourceful wife!)

We got on the plane and immediately our two very different traveling backgrounds reveal themselves. I sit down, put on my seatbelt, promptly turn off my cell phone and pager (I don’t have a pager. In fact, no one does. Why do they keep saying pager!? No one has a pager!) and nervously tell myself that physics has constantly worked well up to this point and will continue to work when the air passes above and below the wing creating lift. Amanda sits down, texts her family love and prayers and pulls out: eye mast, ear plugs, 2 pillows, one neck pillow, 2 blankets (where did THEY come from!?) and my coat and is mouth-open-stone-cold asleep before we taxi.

And we’re off. Toronto time: 9pm

Next up: Iceland sunrise, Amsterdam afternoon and Neve Campbell’s mom.


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